In depth article on the "I am a natural person" defense?
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"Natural person" / "This court has no jurisdiction over me" in depth article?

Maybe a year ago, I read an in depth article on the arguments that many people make when brought before a court, along the lines that the court has no jurisdiction over them (because of fringe on the flag, etc), or that the state government is invalid, etc etc.

I believe the article largely dealt with a spate of such arguments happening in inner city Baltimore among violent offenders--these kinds of arguments are usually associated with tax protesters.

It was a well written piece. like you'd find in the Atlantic or something. (That is, it's not a legal opinion attacking such arguments or a fringe site promoting them; it's more a piece of sociology.)

Can someone help me find this article?
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Not what you're looking for perhaps, but the New York Times Magazine had a piece on tax deniers this past week that also mentioned these arguments. Maybe a helpful starting point?
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Best answer: Washington Monthly
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From the Blue
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For what it's worth, the Anti-Defamation League has a great index of cases slapping down these arguments, called "Idiot Legal Arguments."
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