Boggle Clubs in NYC
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I've become obsessed with Boggle (or Boggle-like games), especially when a SOWPODS dictionary is used. Are there any Boggle clubs in New York City?

I like Scrabble a lot too, but I am specifically looking for local Boggle meetups.
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Just in case you haven't heard, you can play online: Weboggle.
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Hey look at that - the Weboggle server is back online!

If this list is going to expand to include other areas, I would love to meetup for Boggle in DC.
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caddis - I do play online, mostly Noggin and Prolific.
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This is a self-link but relevant, you'd probably enjoy KaBauble. It's like Boggle but you sort-of build your own grid. The word list is TWL06.
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More like Scrabble than Boggle is Option by Parker Brothers. Never really took off, but it was interesting. You can usually find a copy on ebay
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It seems the creator of Weboggle has made a newer version: Wordsplay.
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