A Short Story About Toilet Paper and Poison
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Help me remember a short story about a girls' detention center.

The details I remember about this short story:
- Took place, at least in part, inside a girls' detention facility.
- There is one girl who beats and abuses some of the other girls
- The girls are allowed to send one girl into town from time to time to buy things like toilet paper.
- One of the girls comes back and the toilet paper is wet, because she fell into a puddle.
- She gets beat badly by the bully.
- The bully dies, and it turns out that the girl who had gone into town had actually sprayed a toxin on the toilet paper and then wet it to disguise it.

My memory tells me this is a Steven King story. Anyone?
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I dont have any ideas other to say that i dont think its a stephen king story, unless is a REALLLLY rare one, cuz i've read everything he's published (as far as i know).
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