Help me pick a new Foreman Grill.
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Old Foreman Grill finally gave up the ghost. Endless Foreman grills available....Which one do you have and recommend?

I have the original Foreman grill, but it is finally going to be replaced. It was useful, but the non-stick coating is coming off, and now everything is sticking. So time to replace...look at web site, and I'm overwhelmed with the different types of Foreman grills and other grills. Mainly I use mine for cooking chicken, steaks, and hamburgers for the family. Any suggestions on a grill that you use now and really enjoy. I think the removable plates is a plus, but let me know what you think!!
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Best answer: Get yourself a Cuisinart Griddler. You won't be sorry.
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I have the Foreman "Next Grilleration G5" (ugh). It's probably a little small if you're cooking for your whole family, but its removable plates are pretty convenient and the temperature selector is nice to have.
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I have the George Foreman 360 and it's been pretty awesome so far. Comes with plates for grilling burgers (wow they call them ribbed? that sounds strange), a set of quesadilla plates, and a flat plate for cooking pizzas and stuff. I usually buy frozen hamburger patties, and this grill comfortably fits 4 patties.

My only small complaint is that when I got it, it came with a GIANT sticker on top of the grill, which they tell you take off before using it. This sticker is a goddamn nightmare to take off. Something like rubbing alcohol or WD40 should do the trick. Just be sure to clean it really well after removing the sticker; mine still has some adhesive on it which doesn't smell the greatest when it first starts heating up.
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2nding trip and a half. We love our Griddler, it works great as a panini grill / sandwich press and does well with pancakes on the griddle portion.
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Oooo, I know this one! I had the original small cheapo GF, loved it, replaced it with another, and loved that too. Then I thought I would upgrade to the model that is bigger and has removable plates. It was awful. Just not as good as the older, cheaper model, much more trouble and generally yuck.
I got the Griddler, mainly because of the floating hinge, and it's just terrific. Definitely get that.
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I see a variety of GF grills at thrift stores all the time. They're usually for $5 to $10 or may be able to find the same version you own now (although I'd scrub the heck out of any grill I found at the Salvation Army!)
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I'm v. interested in this! I like the idea of the Griddler - but it's also got a non-stick coating. I've used and worn through the non-stick coating on 3 GF's in 10+ years. We LOVE the GF for cooking chicken, and need a new grill now.

Does the non-stick coating on the Griddler durable 3+ years out? We use our GF about 3x a month minimum.

Any anodized aluminum Grillers?
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I don't think the Griddler has even been around for three years, but it certainly seems to be well made.
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I have the one with the removable plates. It is so easy to clean!
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When we replaced our George Foreman, we compared a bunch at Kohl's and ended up buying something shaped like the Cuisinart Griddler. I don't think it was the Griddler, though, as we paid about $60. I'd check the brand, but I'm in Berlin and it's in Minnesota right now.

They had three or four models of varying "prettiness"; the nicest was the Food Network-branded one. They all looked similar, though, and on checking I found that the plates from any brand were completely interchangeable with any other, and if you looked at the insides or bottom they were indistinguishable. Same stampings, same wire routing, same everything. We bought the "Bob's Pretty Good" brand instead of the Food Network one because having snazzy knobs and a red paint job ultimately seemed not worth $80-100.

The one we have works great.

Just a data point.
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Make sure you get one that has removable plates, or else they are a bitch to clean.
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The removable plates are a godsend. They will clean in literally seconds.
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