Give me my kimchee, please.
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Is there a Korean restaurant in Toronto that delivers?

I love my bulgogi and I would like it delivered. Is there such a thing in Toronto? I can get Greek, Thai, and Eritrean delivered, but not Korean. Does anyone know of a place? I live in the East End of Toronto. Please hurry, the kimchee deprivation is making me weak.
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My favorite Japanese/Korean place, the Hosu Bistro has kimchee and says they deliver (both questions answered in their FAQ). Not sure how large their delivery area is or what "East End of Toronto" means to you though--technically it could be argued that's the border with Pickering now. ;)
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Response by poster: I know Hosu! Let's see if they will deliver to East York! (Maybe the Eglinton location?)
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Response by poster: :( Out of the delivery area. (Deliveries don't start until 5pm, anyway.)
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Hosu has what might be the worst sushi I've ever had in a city that has the worst sushi I've ever had. Horrible, rude service too. I never had the Korean there.

There is a slew of Korean places on Bloor west of Bathurst- and some do deliver if I am remembering accurately. Not much help depending on how far east you are but they might push you in the right direction.
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There are some Korean places in Scarborough that might be closer to you than the Annex ones...?
(Put the little white finger on the dots and Almighty Google will tell you what they are- I mention this only because that didn't work for me at first and I almost gave up.)

Also, don't forget to order some delicious delicious chap chae.
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Response by poster: The solution has been to buy a big thing of kimchee and stick it in my fridge for kimchee deprivation emergencies.
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