Estate tax accountant, Estate lawyer or both...or WHAT!? Help!
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Estate tax returns in NC. Is this done by an accountant or an Estate Attorney?

Been working with a paralegal at the law firm who did my father's estate work, since my father's passing this past June. In the past she's been decent in letting me know what i have to do next. But, in the last six months, she's been somewhat unreachable with limited help. I'm done with this crap and just want to hand it off to somebody to finish. It's not supposed to be this hard, but for me, it is. I now am racing against the 4/15 deadline to get an Estate tax return done along with an Irrevocable Trust return done...PLUS close out my father's estate. It's just my sister and I as beneficiaries. Anyone have any tips besides start drinking heavily? Thanks in's killing me!
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Either would probably be fine, provided no one is contesting the will, in which case you would need an attorney. But if all you're trying to do is just file a tax return, a competent accountant with trust and estate experience should be able to do that for you.
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Best answer: This really is a job for an accountant. You only need the attorney for something like a tax return when their is some non-standard issue that needs a legal opinion, and your accountant will usually alert you to such issues (although many will be more than willing to go it alone here). As for the paralegal not being reachable, it sounds like it is time for a call to the attorney who is handling the matter.
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Response by poster: No one is contesting the will. Thanks for the info!
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Response by poster: Calling the attorney is my next step...thanks!
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Best answer: This needs to be sorted out by an attorney.
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FWIW, the Private Wealth Services guys in my firm are super busy right now.

I would look into filing an extension. It'll give you a little breathing room to find someone competent who can put the time into it.
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Response by poster: Ended up not having to file by 4/15, since it's based on when you close the estate. We'll be closed this month, so by next May...we'll need to file.

Thanks for all your help you butt-kicking, always there for us mefites! Ya'll deserve something special....go get it!
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