NYC/SC Beach houseswap?
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I would like to visit and immerse myself and my young family in NYC culture. To this end, I would like to find an arrangement this summer whereby I could arrange a houseswap.

We live near Charleston, SC, in a fabulous location that one could have a great vacation in. Anybody know how to get started making this a reality?
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Craigslist does housing swaps. Have you checked there? Occasionally they're through actual agencies, but often they're just person-to-person agreements. I've never done it, so I can't speak to what protections and such you'll need to have in place, but it is a start.
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Best answer: I live in New York and have done housing swaps through Craigslist and Jewett Street. Both were very successful.
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--when I used Jewett Street, I never paid the membership fee. I think they have a free trial or something, I can't remember.
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Best answer: I have never personally used Sabbatical Homes, but I browse it often; there's usually quite a few summer rental/swap options.
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I've never used it, but have heard good things about:

International Home Exchange

I know you're not looking to go international, but this site might help. Intervac has been providing its service since the 1950s.
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Actually, now that I look at it, the "International" in their name seems to apply to the fact that they are a global service, not that the home exchange arrangement has to be amongst people from different countries. So yes, you could use them for a NYC/SC home swap.
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