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So, Konfabulator's just been released for Windows. And I like it. But presumably, it'll eventually stop working if I don't pay (trial shareware whatever). Is there free software (free in the Beer sense) that does the same thing?

I'm only running one widget, right now, the to-do list; I'd only really need that replicated. But I'd also want to replicate the ability to make it see-through and click-through (total ghost, that is).

Also, Konfabulator seems amazingly stable for what it does (though the last time I used something like this was Windowblinds for 98). Would free software risk making my computer asplode?
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Rainlender. Samurize.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 1:45 PM on November 16, 2004

Rainlendar is fab. Rainmeter is even fabber. Lots of skins for each. All free.
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there's a free xml/.net based todo list for windows that I can't find right now, but I used it in the past and it was great. I found it on Andre Torrez' site but Google can't find the old post about it.
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Active Desktop circa 1997 can do most of what I've seen in the Konfab gallery. It might not be quite as pretty, but it's rolled right into the OS. I was running pointless news apps and Javascript junk on my desktop three or four jobs ago.
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krisjohn's comment reminded me of: tsdesk. It is basically an advanced config for active desktop.
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Response by poster: Rainlendar's cool, but I don't really want the unused calendar cluttering up the place. Samurize has a most excellent name but looks a bit daunting; I'll install it when I have some time. (And for some reason I fear and loathe active desktop.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, by the way.
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I would recommend AveDesk (download link at the bottom of the first comment). AveDesk (generally) requires less memory than Konfabulator and has been put through the paces by many users over at Aqua-Soft. (I've been using it without issue since it went 1.1 and don't know what I'd do without it.)

Also good is Kapsules (which is very similar to AveDesk), though it has far fewer individuals developing modules/widgets/etc. for it.
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Are any of these less memory-intensive than Konfabulator? Helpful as they are, I really don't need to use up 30M of RAM for a calendar and live weather service.
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