Most secure PDF viewer?
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In light of the increasing number of PDF security exploits, what is the most secure PDF viewer for Windows?

I would prefer a minimal viewer that will handle encrypted PDFs but doesn't have a javascript engine built in, nor any of the other multimedia junk that exists in Adobe products. I'm aware of Foxit and some of the open source offshoots from Ghostview. I know you can turn off Javascript execution via registry hacks but would prefer to minimize the attack space by not having features that are rarely used.
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If youre not running as local admin, theyre all secure. All these exploits want to target system resources that non-admins dont have permission to.

If you cant do that much, you can do a runas and run acrobat and your browser as a limited user. Or use something like drop my rights.
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use something like FoxIt Reader, its free, faster than Adobe, and gives you at the very least a bit of security through obscurity
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Just here to second foxit. It's speedy, lightweight, and more useful than Adobe's offering. And it's like Mach5 said, the thing is pretty obscure in terms of # of users, so it's doubtful that it will be specifically targeted by virus makers.
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Response by poster: Currently trying SumatraPDF out. It looks even more lightweight than Foxit and is primarily designed to be run from USB drives.
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Response by poster: Despite a funky cut and paste mechanism (Ctrl-Left mouse click and drag to highlight text box), Sumatra is the winner. Really lightweight, and doesn't have all the pending security holes (scripting languages, etc.) that Adobe has.
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