Tactile reminder device
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What sorts of vibrating reminder devices are out there?

The goal: I am looking for a small (pager-sized or smaller) wearable vibrating device that can be programmed to vibrate at certain intervals to serve as a tactile reminder system.

The requirements are: 1. it must be wearable, preferably on the ankle (out of sight), 2. it must be able to reliably go off at any programmed interval for a set number of recurrences or until manually stopped, 3. it should be relatively inaudible and not sound like a chainsaw.

Even better if it has some or all of these features: variable vibration strength, multiple vibration patterns (e.g. pulse length, number of pulses), countdown timer, daily alarm.

I am aware of a few products such as the epill reminder and invisible clock but am looking for alternate options to see what's out there. Also, I am open to suggestions involving a DIY approach, if anyone knows how to cobble something like this together using easily obtained components.
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There's the WatchMinder, which seems to be designed for people with ADD. This watch seems to serve a similar function. Presumably they could fit on your ankle if you extended the strap a bit. I think I've seen another device that might have had more of the features you want; I'll try and track it down again.

I solved this problem for myself by installing a program on my Palm phone--do you carry a cell phone that might have something like that available?
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Ah, here it is: the MotivAider. Lets you change the strength and duration of the vibrating alarm (here's the advanced features guide.)
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I had a VibraLite3 watch that worked pretty well, until I learned to ignore its gentle (but noticeable) buzz. I tried different intervals and a bunch of things but ultimately it ended up for another turn on eBay.
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