Helmet hair solutions
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Any suggestions for battling helmet hair related to bicycle riding?

My current helmet has vents that produce odd ridges in my hair that don't come out, even after wetting my hair. For the record, I'm a male with short to medium-short hair (although the length doesn't affect whether I get helmet hair or not.) I really like riding my bike to work and I don't feel safe riding in traffic without a helmet. Is there a type of helmet that is better for not messing up your hair or are there other tips?
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Slick your hair back, or at least *pull* it back before applying helmet. smoothing it back and donning a bandanna helps, too.
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Seconding the bandanna.
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I just wear a little cycling cap underneath (or a bandanna works fine too). Bonus: if you are like me and often ride with damp hair, you won't get as cold (if it's chilly when you ride ... that's kind of nice when it's warm).
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A few tips:

- A bandanna under the helmet will at least uniformly flatten your hair. You'll still have helmet hair, but at least you won't look like a Klingon.

- Keep your hair short.

- Explore options for washing your hair at work (I know this is unlikely) or try different products (gel, paste, whatever) to re-style your hair after your ride. A compact hair dryer may also help.
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I did and never looked back....
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A helmet that's closer to unvented, either the kind worn by downhill/bmx dudes or the kind worn by time-trialists, probably wouldn't produce the ridges. Of course, it probably won't be as cool, either.
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i'm with evilolive on this one. shaving the head has saved me untold quantities of time, money, and worry
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Does the styrofoam of your helmet sit directly on your head, or do you have an internal suspension inside your helmet? Giro makes helmets with RocLoc 4, which snugs the helmet around your head (and means it doesn't actually touch the top of your head, at least it doesn't feel like it). That might work.

If a bandanna isn't too hot, that seems like the easiest solution.
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Here is THE answer.
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Do what the cycling pros do, and get a cycling cap! They're cheap (~$10-12) and can easily be stowed in any pocket.
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Tuck all of your hair under the helmet, so you don't just get the dome on the top.
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Thanks for all of the helpful answers. I never knew what those little bicycling caps were for before. A simple solution like a bandana never occurred to me and I thought those unvented helmets were for skater dudes only.

Is it okay to wear a cycling hat underneath a skater helmet? Or is that a fashion faux pas?
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I drench my hair in the sink afterwards and apply some product. I keep a towel and a jar of styling wax in my cube. The type of product doesn't matter so much as long as it's something with solid hold.
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If you shower in the morning, make sure your hair is totally dry before you put your helmet on and ride to work. The goofiness of my helmet hair is directly related to the time I spend drinking coffee and surfing the internet between shower and commute.
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Possibly inappropriate for your hair length, but I find hair that's been treated with hair straighteners is much more immune to any wind or helmet effects. Yeah guys can use them too. Works wonders pre or post cycling too.
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a welders cap will work.
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I am a man with long hair and I wear a cycling cap under my helmet. The brim flips up nicely and it uniformly flattens my hair as it drys in the morning.
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Bonus on the bandanna: you still get *some* cooling from the vents, but you have sometinng to sop up sweat. (in the summer, i have a sweat problem when I ride. Like, so much sweat that without a bandanna, my glasses get fogged with sweat residue. With bandanna, I can go an hour at a time without sweat problems.
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I was really excited about this question till I realised it's by men for men. Can I shoehorn in and ask what people with shoulder length hair do? This post mostly emphasis the importance of helmets (along with other general bike related advice).
I like to tie my hair up in a high ponytail, but the helmet squashes it. So far, I'm stoical about this, but would love to know what others do.
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slyrabbit, there are helmets with a notch cut in the back specifically for anyone with a ponytail. You may have to tie it lower, then re-tie it after riding, but it can be done. Your local bike shop can help you find one that meets your requirements.
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Thanks Wild_Eep! Found this, will try my local before I splurge
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm now using a Bern Brentwood over a Walz cap. No more helmet head.
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