XP: How do I set permissions for a user account to switch power schemes and create new ones?
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XP: How do I set permissions for a user account to switch power schemes and create new ones?

By power schemes I mean what you find on the Control Panel -> Power Options -> Power Schemes tab.

This is about a thinkpad specifically in case it makes a difference, but in general I have no idea how to set permissions for things like this. I tried messing around in Gpedit.msc, but I didn't see a relevant template (?).
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Use the "Run as" option on a shortcut for the power control panel?
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Best answer: The MSDN non-admin weblog explains how to do this.

In short, registry keys can have permissions; the administrator need to go to the registry key for power policies and grant users permission to create and modify keys.

Note that the five power schemes are shared between users, so user A might be running scheme 3 (for example) and user B might change the definition of scheme 3, thereby changing behaviour for user A. Of course, if the computer's mostly used by one person (likely if it's a laptop) it's not a problem.
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Before XP SP3, the changes under administrator took for all the user account. Now you have to make the changes in each account. Unfortunately, if you're using a limited account you can't change your own power scheme and if you use the Run As option, it changes the settings for the Administrator account (or whomever you Ran As). After SP3, I had to grant temporary Admin rights, make the changes I wanted, and then take the rights away.

I believe there is a Power Option extension for Group Policy...
Here it is.
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Response by poster: Thank you Mike1024, that worked and was exactly what I was looking for.

cimbrog, thanks for the extension link.
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