Best burger in Seattle?
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Best burger in Seattle? If not best, then at least awesome?

We've been on a quest for an astounding burger in (or within 5 miles of) Seattle, and need your help.

We've tried many, and so far haven't found one that knocks our socks off, here's the scoreboard so far that I can remember (you will note there is no Red Mill listed, I can't believe we've not yet gone there and if that's really the best I'ma slap myself):

Elysian: used to be great, now they use pre-made frozen patties and they're fine, not terrific.
Deluxe: very good, not amazing.
Julia's: really weird, they are more like meatloaf-burgers.
Dick's - it is what it is
Two Bells: satisfying, but that's it - Yelp led me to believe I'd cry at how good they are, but I was unimpressed.
Kid Valley: nope
any McMenamin's: pretty good but nothing to write home about
Zak's: good
Smith: fine, but too expensive for what it is
Red Robin: eecchh

I'm sure we've tried more but this at least gives you an idea of how picky we are, I think. Suggestions?
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lunchbox laboratory in Ballard
posted by ljesse at 9:59 AM on April 1, 2009

Seconding Lunchbox Labs. Also the wagyu beef burger at Quinn's.
posted by shaun at 10:06 AM on April 1, 2009

I was going to pop in here to say Red Mill. I wish I was there right now.
posted by yeti at 10:07 AM on April 1, 2009

Kobe beef burger at the Metropolitan Grill. By far the best value on the menu.
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Red Mill is the best I have tried.

I'm quite partial to Blue Moon, especially when the burgers are half price on Wednesday nights.
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Red Mill is the top of the list, but right there behind it is The Attic in Madison Park.
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I used to love Red Mill but I think they've gone downhill in the last few years.
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I'm a big fan of Norm's burgers. Their fries are way overseasoned though...
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Everyone has different "best" criteria, so here's some other places I've had decent burgers at.


Nordstrom's Grill (Metro level of downtown Nordstrom's)

The Ram (UVillage)
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Red Mill is definitely awesome. Sport Restaurant does a great Kobe beef burger. Jerseys up in Shoreline (175th just east of Aurora) is great too. The Palace Kitchen is excellent and serves late night. The Jolly Roger Tap Room (Maritime Brewery) in Ballard is fantastic.

Any old timers remember Jungle Jim's in Bellevue square? Their burgers were the best for many many years but they don't exist anymore.
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Outside your 5 mi radius, a little bit north:
- Time Out Burger in Mountlake Terrace
- Redline Burger Co in Lynnwood/Edmonds
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Also outside your radius in Issaquah, but well worth the trip for burger lovers is the last remaining XXX root beer drive-in. It's a very special place, don't miss it.
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Seconding Blue Moon...yum!
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Nickerson Street Saloon makes a good burger.
Skillet Street Food's is tasty, and comes with bacon-jam.
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Dah, nomisxid beat me to it. Skillet is eerily delicious for something that comes out of a truck. Check their calendar to figure out where they are on any give day.

However, if price isn't that big a deal, you might try the Metropolitan Grill. Kinda pricey (compared to others listed here, unless you go for happy hour), but these people know their beef.
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Nthing Lunchbox Lab. The sheer number of options for sauces, cheeses, and burger meats are overwhelming. The super beef burger is great, and I also like "The Dork" (duck and pork). They are very rich burgers; my husband and I both have healthy appetites and split one burger and one side, because any more than that would be too much.

Also, go soon, because the chef/owner has indicated that business has slowed down, and it may not be around forever.

In the non-LL category, my favorite burger is Palace Kitchen. Strong beefy flavor, perfect bun and perfect fries.
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I'll put in another recommendation for Blue Moon. I've only ever eaten at the SLU restaurant but I think there's another one in Fremont. Absolutely terrific.

Everything I've ever had from Skillet has been great, so I'm sure their burgers are excellent as well. Too bad I've got too much to keep track of to remember when they're near where I am.
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Lunchbox Lab!! It cannot be allowed to die! I will go there RIGHT NOW!

Dave's burgers on 196th/44th ish lynnwood is also surprisingly tasty. And Red Mill of course, but nothing beats LL....
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I think Jak's in West Seattle is really good. For comparison, I think Jak's is significantly better than the Deluxe (I'd still rather go to the Deluxe though). That being said, the mere mention of Dicks.... Well, now I have to go there after work.

Here's a "Best Burger in Seattle" thing from citysearch.
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In my opinion, one of the best burgers sold in Seattle is Tom Douglas's Palace burger royale at Palace Kitchen in Belltown (I live in Texas part-time, so I consider myself a burger connoisseur). I remember when it used to cost $12... It's $15 now but oh so worth it. Disclaimer: Palace Kitchen is one of my favorite bars/restaurants, but we typically end up at the slightly cheaper Two Bells for Sunday brunch burgers and beer on the patio.
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Look no further - I have the answer. It's Hi Life in the Ballard neighborhood. I had their grass-fed, locally-grown hamburger last week and it was INSANE. Best meat I have tasted in years. I do not exaggerate.
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Red Mill is the best, but nothing comes close to the great burger dives of Minnesota. I miss you, Matt's Bar.
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Zippy's in West Seattle has won Best Burger Award from everyone who visits, over Red Mill, Jak's, etc. Punk Rock owner, hand-made patties fresh each morning, malts, fries, love. The new champion.
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I was very pleasantly surprised by Lowell's in the Pike Place Market.
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Cyclops has an AWESOME apple burger, which has thin apple slices, Oregon country beef, with bleu cheese, caramelized balsamic onion and served on a toasted Macrina brioche bun (I think) and BACON! Just had it Saturday. Yum.
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oh, and for the strange and unusual, ed's Kort Haus has a selection of exotic meat burgers.
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Quinn's 8 oz. "Painted Hills" natural beef burger with cheddar, bacon, mayo & fries. [pic #1] [pic #2]. So, so tasty.
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Seconding Zippy's. It's a teeny tiny little hole-in-the-wall joint, but the burgers are fantastic.
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Thanks guys, this is super!

We went to Red Mill today and it was awesome for sure. Crowded and annoying, of course, but that was a damn good burger.

(I ordered it w/o their "special sauce" - some kind of chipotle mayo or something? Mr. tristeza said the sauce on his was a bit overwhelming in taste and amount.)
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I like the burgers at Hattie's Hat in Ballard.

also The Ram at UVillage.
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Busby's Burger and Q is a bit outside your search area, but why not take a ferry and visit the lovely Kitsap County sometime? Not only is their homemade BBQ sauce incredible, but their burgers are *smoked*. Unusual, but incredible. My husband and I go there at least once a week.
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+1 for Jak's - such a killer burger, and you can get it for $5 during an unadvertised happy hour!

Also, check out Burger Madness. Great burgers, variety, prices.

Red Mill is super-overrated IMO. And they only accept cash, which I'm not down with.
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Red Mill is absolutely shitty. I have no idea why the natives (or newly-gone-native) love the crap. I can only assume that none of them grew up on farms (although I notice you've drunk the cool-aid. It seems to be in the air.). As someone who eats meat once a month or less, I am really picky about burgers.

Get the fantastic buffalo burgers at Elliott Bay Pub and Brewery in West Seattle. The beef is good too, it's just that I happen to like buffalo more. Their toppings are good, and they have the buns made from the spent grain used in the brewing process, and those are some tasty buns.
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Red Mill has its merits, but I think they are overrated. At their core, they use preformed industrial beef patties. I don't think you can make an awesome burger without a thick patty of juicy beef. None of this thin extra-lean junk. If you must go to Red Mill though, I find the Interbay location usually has shorter lines.

I like two bells, but their quirky choice of bread isn't always welcome.

Seems like I had a great burger around seattle in the last 6 months, but I can't remember where. Maybe it was the Wedgewood Alehouse.
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