Mud on my sheepskin boots
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How do I clean a muddy pair of sheepskin (Ugg knock-off) boots before waterproofing them?

I picked up a pair of inexpensive Ugg clone boots for an outdoor event I participate in monthly. They came in literally as I was departing for a weekend in the woods, so I didn't get a chance to seal them before wearing them. Of course, it was muddy that weekend, and now they are caked in mud, now dry, from the event.

Is there a good way to get them nice and clean, pre-sealing? What sealant is best to make them the most resistant to the elements in the future?

Thank you!
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Remove the worst of the mud, and then rub the exterior of the boot with
a stiff brush, until all the dried dirt is gone.

Use a solvent based silicone sealer designed specifically for suede. Smooth
leather waterproofing agents will ruin suede.

Working outside to prevent inhalation, use a sponge-on rather than spray-on
applicator. Invert boot to prevent sealer from getting between the leather
and the sole (which would compromise the attachment of the sole) while
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Response by poster: Invert, as in inside-out, or upside down? (I'm assuming the later, but want to be sure...)

Any recommendations on a sealant brand?

Thank you very much for your help!
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