New liquor for the bar owners!
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What fantastic bourbons are not available in the Atlanta area?

I'm going to be staying with some friends in Atlanta in a few weeks. I want to take them a thank-you gift, and I think a lovely bottle of bourbon would be great. Thing is, they own a bar. A really fantastic bar. So I don't want to bring something that is already sitting on their shelves. Any recommendations for a great bourbon that isn't distributed in Georgia/the Atlanta metro area? I'm in Indiana, and the selection here is very broad. I'm hoping to spend around $80, maybe up to $100.
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Old Pogue. No question in my mind. Used to import it to DC when I went to Ky. on business.
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old pogue is quite good. a little lower down the price scale (but equally as good and not found in most bars that ive been in) is Elijah Craig 18-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon. truly excellet and the longest aged single barrel bourbon in the world.... really great stuff.
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I have no idea what's available in Atlanta, but two more options:
Pappy van Winkle 20 year old
or A.H. Hirsch 16 year old
or Classic Cask 17 year old

You might also consider a good rye. These days, I think I like rye better than bourbon... a bit spicier & less sweet. There are definitely bottles you can spend upwards of $80 on -- and it's, like, the New Hip Thing.
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Response by poster: I'm going to have to check out this Old Pogue. Happily, the local liquor store loves to do tastings. And I'm a big (huge) fan of all of the Pappy van Winkle bourbons, but it looks like they're being well distributed in Atlanta these days, as is the Hirsch. It's a big change from when I left Atlanta, and the only widely available choices were Jim, Jack, and Maker's. Thanks for the help!
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what's the bar?
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