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I'm off to NYC on Thursday and need advice on where to find the following..........

- Slam Poetry. I'm planning on the Nuyorican, but are there other venues? Is Def Peotry still in NYC?

- Latin music bars that give lessons early in the evening.

- Best women's clothing re-sell shops.

- Best trendy, yet low priced women's clothing.

- Are there any shows (on/off broadway) that are must-sees?

- Best place to find knock off handbags? I know Canal St, but is there are particular vendor? A secret word to see the good stuff? How about fur bags?

- Flying show. I was in NYC three years ago and went to a show with my sister. It was people on wires, hanging from the ceiling and flying around a room. I can't remember the name of it, but it was unbelievable. There is audience participation and it's performed in a large space. Anyone recognize this?

- A nightclub in an old church?

- Dancehall dance club?

- Any bars where I can get away with smoking?
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The nightclub in an old church is Limelight.
posted by vacapinta at 11:12 AM on November 16, 2004

De La Guarda is the flying show.

i'd say must-see b'way shows are Hairspray, Avenue Q

Limelight was the nightclub in the church on 6th ave, but now it's called Avalon

bars with back garden spaces---DBA, Rudy's, etc...i think there's a list in TimeOut's site.
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we should have a little meetup : >
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we should have a little meetup

Let's do!
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Unfortunately, De La Guarda is closed, which is a frickin' shame.
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Damn, sorry, my link above is wrong -- De La Guarda is closed.
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-For slam poetry, try KGB Bar or the Bowery Poetry Club.

-True [28 E. 23rd St., btwn Madison & Park Aves.; (212) 254-6117] has latin music & lessons, but only on Tuesdays.

-Hipster duds for the ladies? Antique Boutique is popular for that sort of thing.

-I saw De La Guarda awhile back, and it was incredible.

-Dancehall can be had at Botanica [47 Houston St.; (212) 343-7251] on Friday nights. The Belmont Lounge [117 East 15th St.; (212) 533-0009] have their nights on Sundays.

amberglow: 'nother meetup would rock, but I'm bedridden 'til I get over the flu.
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oh and Limelight isn't Limelight anymore its Avalon now I believe.
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Ina on Prince Street between Mott and Elizabeth is a very good designer consignment store.
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Thanks everyone.

I'd like to also find some more affordable clothing store options for my friend who wears, I'm guessing, size 20/22. Any ideas?

I am now totally bummed about de la Guarda, which was so awesome.
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post your dates to MeTa, Juicy : >

Century 21 has plus sizes too (and is excellent all-around), and check this
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I saw Symphonie Fantastique, which is a great show if you're looking for something different.
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If you want to see a show directed by a fellow MeFite, my production of "The Oresteia" has three more performances. Tickets are only $15 and audiences have loved it so far. Sorry for the self-promotion, but it's related to your question. Say hi if you come. I'll be at the door.
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you should submit to mefi projects, grumble--i wish i had known earlier.

we can combine the meetup with a little theater maybe?

Also, juicy, MOMA's reopening this weekend (but it's 20 bucks to get in now)
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Meetup/show combo sounds good to me. Someone pick a day/evening.
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In lieu of De La Guarda, Streb's Slam Show is worth a look (some reviews).
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