Why won't my PC read my SD card?
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My PC can't read my SD card. What gives?

I have a 4 GB SD card in my digital camera. Last night, I tried to download the pics from the card using one of those 9-in-1 card readers.

My PC had trouble reading the card and when I finally double clicked to try and access the drive assigned to the SD card, it said that it was inaccessible due to an I/O error. This same error occurred on my laptop and work computer as well. All these computers run XP.

Any ideas on how I fix this and get at my pics?
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Best answer: If it's 4GB it may be SDHC format, not SD format, and your computer's reader may not work.
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My camera has a USB interface. I access my 2G chip by leaving it in the camera and connecting the camera to my computer. When plugged in (to Vista) it looks like an external drive. I can copy picture files off of it and delete them afterwards. Your camera probably has that, or Firewire, too. Why are you messing around with the chip at all?
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Just to clarify, the camera is still able to read the contents of the card, correct?

Chocolate Pickle, built-in card readers often offer faster transfer times and more reliable transfers than the camera's interface. No cords to mess with, either. In fact, I always use a card reader nowadays. I learned my lesson after an unfortunate static shock that occurred when my dSLR was connected to my laptop fried a chip in my dSLR, disabling in the middle of a trip to China and requiring a $200 repair bill. :(
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If it is one of those usb card readers try putting the card in first then plugging in the usb connection. Then the computer should see it as a separate drive letter. Disconnect the same way ,shut down drive , unplug card reader, remove card. In that order. I pulled my hair out many a time till I figured this out.
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I should add that the computer may show as many drive letters as there are slots. So then you have to figure out which one is the card you have installed.
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patnok's suggestion works with my Mac as well. Put card in reader, then plug reader in.
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Response by poster: A few details:

1. My PC and laptop don't have an internal card reader.

2. This is an SDHC card. I went out and bought a reader for it last night, which may solve the problem. SD and SDHC are identical in size and shape, so I was using an older reader to try and get my pics.

I'll post more on it tonight when I have a chance to test this theory.
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