How do I get DokuWiki subscriptions working with Active Directory authentication?
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DokuWiki Filter: Running a DokuWiki install with auth:ad for Active Directory authentication. Everything works fine except subscriptions. How do I get those emails working?

When I enable the subscription option in DokuWiki's preferences the two subscribe buttons show up at the bottom of each page, and clicking subscribe works, but no emails are ever sent.

I know DokuWiki can send email because I have an address plugged in that successfully gets email notifications about changes anywhere on the wiki (this is a separate option in the configuration).

My guess is that it's not pulling the email addresses from Active Directory. There doesn't seem to be a way to check and see which, if any, email addresses are attempting to be used. I've also checked for logs showing unsuccessful mail attempts, but haven't found anything.

Details about my DokuWiki install:
version	Release 2009-02-14
popversion	2008-02-20
language	en
now	1238541295
conf_useacl	1
conf_authtype	ad
conf_template	default
page_count	76
page_size	89643
page_biggest	17258
page_smallest	40
page_avg	1179.5131578947
page_oldest	1210007408
media_count	14
media_size	5232210
media_biggest	1719324
media_smallest	7033
media_avg	373729.28571429
cache_count	489
cache_size	2147513
cache_biggest	86599
cache_smallest	0
cache_avg	4391.6421267894
index_count	50
index_size	83989
index_biggest	33291
index_smallest	10
index_avg	1679.78
meta_count	267
meta_size	168448
meta_biggest	5194
meta_smallest	1
meta_avg	630.89138576779
attic_count	564
attic_size	254659
attic_biggest	1446
attic_smallest	31
attic_avg	451.52304964539
attic_oldest	1228840840
edits_per_day	1.6630083050327
plugin	acl
plugin	config
plugin	info
plugin	plugin
plugin	popularity
plugin	revert
plugin	usermanager
pcre_version	7.6 2008-01-28
pcre_backtrack	20971520
pcre_recursion	100000
os	Darwin
webserver	Apache/2.2.9 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.7l PHP/5.2.6
php_version	5.2.6
php_sapi	apache2handler
php_memory	134217728
php_exectime	30
php_extension	libxml
php_extension	xsl
php_extension	xmlwriter
php_extension	xmlrpc
php_extension	dom
php_extension	xmlreader
php_extension	xml
php_extension	tokenizer
php_extension	session
php_extension	pcre
php_extension	SimpleXML
php_extension	SPL
php_extension	PDO
php_extension	sockets
php_extension	SQLite
php_extension	standard
php_extension	Reflection
php_extension	posix
php_extension	pdo_sqlite
php_extension	odbc
php_extension	mysqli
php_extension	mysql
php_extension	mbstring
php_extension	ldap
php_extension	json
php_extension	iconv
php_extension	hash
php_extension	ftp
php_extension	filter
php_extension	exif
php_extension	date
php_extension	curl
php_extension	ctype
php_extension	zlib
php_extension	openssl
php_extension	apache2handler
Any thoughts?
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Best answer: Figured it out. The system was trying to send the emails using only the BCC field. Once I changed the code to use the TO field instead everything started working.
posted by Xuff at 4:30 PM on April 2, 2009

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