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What to send a friend in rehab?

So a good friend of mine checked into rehab about a half month ago and I want to send her something to lift her spirits (if her spirits need lifting).

She's about 3,000 miles away and as much as I wish it wasn't, money is pretty tight. So no live puppy fruit baskets. Something small, compact, and fun. Like a bouncy ball full of inspiration and hope.

I don't want to go the greeting card route, unless its part of something bigger. For disclosure sake shes a young adult woman who loves writing, classic rock, and seeing me make a fool out of myself. Combine those things and we get ...... ????

On the back of this, can you even send something to someone in rehab? Are there stringent rules and restrictions? Will my bouncy ball be confiscated?
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Mix CD
A book you liked
A long letter with a lot of thought and care put into it

I lean heavily toward option #4
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The letter, definitely.

Does she smoke cigarettes? If so, a couple packs of smokes might come in real handy.
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How about a small blank book? You could write a small message of inspiration/love/wit in the corner of every page, making it fun for her to write in and look at.
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candy...recovering addicts are infamous for having a sweet tooth for some reason

whatever you send, find out if it's allowed first...some rehabs have super strict rules on what people are allowed based on how long they've been there...IE something she's allowed to have in 3 months, she might not be allowed to have now.

Also, whatever you send will be APPRECIATED.
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I was in rehab many moons ago and would have fallen in love with anyone who sent me cookies or any such scrumptiliciousness. Not only do you miss your drug or drink of choice, the sugar withdrawal is something fierce. But what would have touched me the most, would have been something very personal... like a handwritten letter of support, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Good on you for wanting to help your friend.
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What about some good comics like "Ed the happy Clown"?
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I sent a friend some pics of my baby and me - that seemed to go over well as a way of personalizing his room. But I know that he's a bit of a softie for babies and he's spent some time with her so it seemed appropriate.
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If she can make outgoing calls I'd send a calling card. If she calls, make sure you answer!
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The blank book / journal mentioned by katilla & bunch of gel pens of all different colours? (I'm a fan of Moleskine journals, myself.) Again, if you can see what she's allowed, maybe some special tea, perhaps accompanied by a stainless steel travel-type mug. A small stuffed toy. T-shirt with a picture or saying on it she'd like.

N-thing others, all of the above accompanied by a letter of support.
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Send her a carton of cigarettes if she's a smoker. There's nothing to do in rehab except smoke.
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Some paperback books... maybe a mixture of trashy, entertaining novels & something of the inspirational, self-help variety - such as M. Scott Peck's 'The Road Less Travelled'.
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