Where to Buy Fish in Downtown NYC?
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Can anyone recommend a good place to buy fish in lower Manhattan or North Brooklyn?

I live in Greenpoint, and I've done a little research already but everyone seems to suggest places that are in Park Slope/South Brooklyn, and as such, inconvenient for me.

I just want to get more into eating fish. I'm trying to do it in a responsible way, so feel a little sketched out by Chinatown, even though it's an obvious choice (have no way of telling whether those fish were sustainably harvested or not). Anybody know a place that has decent fresh fish, below 23rd Street? Extra points if it doesn't break the bank.
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There is a fish join on Metropolitan and Leonard. I can't remember what it is called but it is very good. Can't miss it. Take the G from Greenpoint to Lorimer, come out on Metropolitan and put Union Ave at your back. Walk past Lorimer to Leonard, it will be on the left hand side of the street on the corner.
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Ok I just used Google Street view to get more detail..it is called Metropolitan Fish Market. They are old school goombatz which can be intimidating if you are not used to it but can actually get you a good deal.
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This is going to sound weird unless you know that most "fresh" fish has been flash-frozen and thawed even if you're buying it "off the boat", but Catalina Offshore Products will FedEx you sushi-grade fish for pretty reasonable prices.
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Pickings are REALLY slim at Metropolitan Fish market in my opinion. This is why I go to Chinatown. There are LOADS of great fish markets in Chinatown, I suggest you observe where the Chinese are buying and buy there. The Essex street market (120 Essex St.) has two really good fish markets inside as well both with three times the choice there is at Metropolitan. The colorful fish market in the back (with loads of rainbow decorations and art) is owned by a really nice guy who can rattle off recipes for any fish you pick out.
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Oops, sorry. I somehow missed your comment about buying in Chinatown.
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