Ideas for NYC honeymoon surprise romantic gesture.
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Going to be on honeymoon in NYC in June and want to prepare a memorable and thoughtful surprise for my new wife.

We are a non-American honeymooning couple and will be in Manhattan for 10 days in June. I would like to totally surprise my new wife with a romantic gesture. It should be thoughtful and sweet and have her scratching her head as to how I pulled it off. I have been toying with the idea of consorting with some willing member of this site and getting them to hide a letter or something somewhere in central park. On our first morning we go for a stroll in Central Park and I walk to the pre-appointed rock or tree-hole or whatever and say 'Hey look there’s something in here, its got your name on it' etc. she opens it and reads it..... I feel that this idea is good in principle but lacking in impact. Essentially its just a letter hidden in a tree. So does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could build on it? Or can you think of alternative surprises, I am open to pretty much any suggestions?

We are staying in a nice hotel and are planning the trip in great detail so we will be eating in nice restaurants and doing interesting things. Money is not a barrier within reason (I could stretch to a few hundred bucks if it was worth it) but neither should it be required, she does not especially care for things that can be bought. I don’t think she would be impressed by the following type of surprises: Helicopter ride around Manhattan. Our names on a scrolling sign in Time Square. Booking a mega-expensive meal. Anything to do with the top of the Empire State. Thoughtful and surprising is more important than expensive and spectacular or clichéd. I know its very little information to go on and I know her best but I would love to hear your suggestions. Not looking for a gift per say but a surprise or unforgettable gesture.

Couple of other points. Depending on what I decide on I might need to impose on a willing member of this site to help execute it but not until I know what I am doing. In any case I have set up an email address for this purpose or any other questions people might have: Not sure how I could rope someone in but maybe I could get matt to help me ask for help if needs be. I also realise that it might not be advisable to be seen hiding things in public places in NYC but you probably know that.
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The letter idea lacks flash, but not, I think, impact. It sounds wonderful, in fact. If you want to dress it up a little, get a nice little wooden or metal box to put it in.

You could also include some jewelry engraved with a heartfelt sentiment.
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I'd be happy to help of you're interested. Mefi mail me.
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I too would be happy to help if you need anyone. (bonus, I live right by Central Park, if you wanted to do something in that vein.)
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Maybe find a fellow MeFite to help you do the following:

Gather a picnic lunch [either ordered from a restaurant to go or composed of various grocery items like sandwiches, drinks, etc.] and have it set up on a comfy blanket in the park at an agreed-upon location. Have them make up a cute sign with your married name on it.

Mark the location on a map of Central Park and tell her it's one of the park's great views.

Take a walk to the marked location. Sit and revel in the beauty of the city's sanctuary and good food.

You have to sort of take your chances with the weather, though.

I'll come up with more later, probably.
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Get a reservation for lunch at the Central Park Boathouse. Do whatever you have to do to ensure you get seats next to the water. Engage a singer (and a guitarist or accordionist and a rower) to row across the lake to the boathouse to serenade your love with her favorite song, or a song with her name in it. (Give them photos of the two of you beforehand so they know which table to approach.)

It costs money, but it would be an experience, not a thing.

Does anyone know of special, secret places that he could take her to? I'd think it was really cool if I was with someone who seemed to have a key to the city.
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I can help too.

You might want to consider The Cloisters, in Fort Tyron park. About the last thing people expect to find in New York and very nice in spring. They are a (admittedly unedifying) subway ride and a 15 minute pleasant walk away from mid town.
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Maybe you could hire a local chorus (there are MANY good ones, including the NYC Gay Men's Chorus) to come serenade her with your favorite song?
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Maybe you could hire a local chorus (there are MANY good ones, including the NYC Gay Men's Chorus) to come serenade her with your favorite song?

This is brilliant. I can help. I have a few friends who are sing-y. We'd do it for free. Imagine: you're walking along, in the park or even just in the city, and someone starts singing a song featuring her name or a song that has a special meaning to you. More and more people pop out and join in, or switch to another significant song, or otherwise build to some kind of a climax where it becomes obvious that you planned this for her. The final person pops out with flowers. Improv Everywhere, but with Romance.

Or something.
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Improv Everywhere, but with Romance.

That was exactly what I was thinking. A personal flashmob, how cool would that be! They could hold signs that spell out her name or something. And/or you could write a song (or just rewrite the lyrics of one) to include lots of personal memories, "best-man-speech"-style.

I imagine it would be particularly fun in a crowded area - like that "everyone freezing at Grand Central" thing (maybe no singing involved then, but something that makes it obvious it's for her).
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What a great idea! I live by the park too and would definitely be willing to help out.
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I'm in!
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