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I am working with a problem PC at work that keeps giving "memory cannot be read" messages (and it runs slowly). I have substituted another memory stick and have done a DOD grade wipe of the HDD. I don't have another SATA drive or I would replace it. any suggestions to help me avoid having to shoot the whole dang PC? please and thanks.
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I recommend downloading the diagnostic software for your particular hard drive manufacturer and running the diagnostic tests to make sure it has no bad sectors.
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Is this XP? Whats listed in the event log when this happens?
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"Memory cannot be read" is a software issue, not hardware.
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Check the power supply. A faulty power supply can act like a little demon in the machine causing (seemingly) random errors.
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If it's a memory issue, you can try using memory diagnostic software. Memtest86 is free and it's what I use. You burn the software image onto a bootable CD, bootup with the CD and run the software.

For me, usually a few minutes of testing is sufficient to determine if the problems lies with the memory. And I have gone through 2-3 sticks in succession that were all bad.

If this doesn't work or the memory tests come up fine, you'll have to look through your event log if the problem occurs consistently.
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It would be very helpful if you'd describe the problem a little better. What operating system are you running - Linux, BSD, WinXP, Vista, Machine LISP, BeOS? What circumstance does this happen in? What runs slowly? How slowly?
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Please let it be Machine LISP!
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