Library music?
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I have a friend on the Local Music Committee of the Toronto Public Library, and they're looking to hire some Toronto-area bands that have a CD and a following, but aren't so popular that the library couldn't afford them or accomodate the huge crowds they'd draw. The group's music would also have to be acceptable for a fairly general audience. However, I'm very out of the loop, current music-wise, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to pass them along to my friend on the committee.
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I memailed you.
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viviv (formerly performed as Ken Reaume)
The Foggy Hogtown Boys (bluegrass)
Chris Coole (banjo and guitar awesomeness)
Scotty Campbell and his Wardenaires (drinkin' and cryin' country)
Fred Spek (odd, but harmless)
Family Supper Stringband
Sheesham and Lotus
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Greg Wyard
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dropped you a memail with some info!
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Maybe contact Frank from Chromewaves?
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How about The Craft Economy? They're creative commons licensed, even!
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A good friend of mine's in a band called Ketch Harbour Wolves. They've been doing really well lately, lots of good reviews, but they're still quite small.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
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