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Things to do in Pinehurst/Seven Lakes/Sandhills area of NC?

I'm spending a long weekend 4/3-4/7 with my husband's family in West End, NC. I don't know anything about the area... what should Mr. Hellbound and I explore if we get a chance to leave the kids with their cousins and run off?

We like nature/ hikes, I looooove thrift stores, live music, food, anything off the beaten path/ local eccentricities/arts...etc...

We will have a car.
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Play golf. Pinehurst has a world class CC.
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Response by poster: Oops- I should have specified that we are not golfers.
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I love that area! Depending on what kind of music you like, The Rooster's Wife concert series in nearby Aberdeen offers concerts most weekends. Usually singer/songwriters, bluegrass, blues, etc. are featured. Looks like Brooks Williams will be there when you are.

And, for outdoor adventures, the Uwharrie National Forest and surrounding area is not too far away (less than an hour) and is a beautiful part of the state with a lot of different activities to offer.

You picked a perfect time to go as the dogwoods and azaleas should be in bloom and all the trees should be putting out their new Spring growth. Have a wonderful time.
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