Babies Looking in Diapers "There Is a Difference! Advertising What?"
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There is a drawing of a boy and a girl baby looking into their diapers. It's an advertisement w/ heading, "There IS a difference!" Does anyone remember what product/ service this ad was for??
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In Denver, Colorado there was a restaurant called "The Bull and Bush" that had that drawing as their logo. My cousin has a poster of it in her kitchen!
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The plumbing and heating co. in my hometown in Maine has that same logo on the back of their honey wagon, except the caption is "There IS a difference in plumbing!".
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Wasn't this an ad for diapers with extra-absorbency patterned for boys (up front) and girls (underneath?)
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Looks like it's still there but that doesn't seem to be their logo anymore or maybe it was just an advertisement, that's sure the image I remember for the place though. I think her poster is from the 70's.
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I've also seen it as a political cartoon. (Caption: "Oh, so this explains the difference in our salaries.")
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Previously. The thread has a link to the image in question, I believe.
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Also seen as an old-style logo on a package of German vegetables: "es gibt verschiedene!". This was in the early 1980s.
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Sounds similar to this one.
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wsg, that profile is set to private.
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I always saw this in connection to the average discrepancy of men and women doing the same jobs.

I always thought that this was very "apt."
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I've never seen that image in relation to an ad, only as a sort of "cartoon" that got passed around.
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Many thanks everyone! I collect old restaurant ware and found a plate with this logo. I was able to find a 1913 ad for Heinz baked beans that showed two women exclaiming this phrase about that product but nothing with the logo of the babies. Here's a link to a jpg of the plate
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"wsg, that profile is set to private."

Here's the one I was talking about.
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so true..................
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