Thin, angled prostate massager or other tool for self massage?
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(NSFW) Prostate massager, dildo etc - Where can I find an angled one with a handle, that isn't too thick. Alternatively, is there another tool I can repurpose for self massage of muscles inside the pelvis?

Hi there. I'm looking for a prostate massager for a slightly different purpose - to massage the levator anii muscles close to the pelvis.

I bought this one, and it looked ideal - the handle enables me to manipulate it around myself which would be good for locating trigger points in the muscles. Also, the shape - curving up at the end - seems about right.

However, it is too thick for me (anal virgin) - the full sensation is quite good for sex, but it doesn't give me enough room to manouvre for massage and is distracting from what I'm trying to do.

Anyone know something similar that's thinner?

If it has the right shape, I guess I could always make a handle myself.

This seemed to be the best type of tool for the job, but if you know something from another field that would work - massage, motor mechanics, beekeeping etc I'd welcome your creative idea.
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Response by poster: close to the pelvis

Sorry, this should read close to the prostate, inside the pelvis.
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There is the Aneros which is designed just for prostate massage. If thickness is an issue then go to your friendly sex shop and get something really, really thin and use it until you loosen up.

Tristan Taormino is your source for all anal advice.
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This is the one mr meeshell prefers. It is thin and long enough to maneuver.
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Good Vibrations to the rescue! I have nothing but good things to say about them, discreet packaging, quick shipping, good prices, non-sleazy feeling.

Here's their anal section; this one is a personal fave, not too big, stays put, basically just a step between something finger-sized and something phallus-sized. This one is even more streamlined and has less girth around the shaft.

The nice thing about silicone toys is that they can be completely sterilized by boiling or running through a dishwasher. This is important with anal toys, in my opinion.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the links :)

The Bulleye has a non-realistic look that some of our customers prefer, and boasts of a friendly size -- 5 ½” long, 1 ½” in diameter.

Do they mean 1 1/2 inches all the way down? I don't call that very friendly! :o

Good to have the silicone info though. The curved 'silk' one at the same site at 3/4 inch might be good. Also will think about the joel kaplan's not curved but is pretty long which might work out.

Do you think the silicone ones are solid enough to use for massage, i.e. can you hold it and use the tip to strongly massage muscles?
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Nexus makes prostate massagers that might work well for you, and as seen at Tool Shed Toys they also carry ones that vibrate, too. They have other Nexus items in the store that aren't on the website yet but can still be ordered by asking.
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The firmness of silicone varies, I find. I've used the Silks, they're a little floppy. The Silk 1 is really easy for a first timer or foreplay, probably the thickness of a girl's thumb, though I'd always want to go onto The Golden Boy pretty quick, and skipped the Silk 1 over all together as I gained a wee bit of experience. I think you'd probably need something with a more pronounced head and curve, though who knows, I don't have a prostate.

Another quick tip: if you end up for going something that isn't silicone, use condoms on it. if you don't do this, never ever share it between partners.

The diameters can be hard to figure; why don't you try the cucumber test to see what measurement will work for you? I understand it can be difficult to shop for something you're going to cram in your ass without seeing it in person. I assumed the Bullseye was smaller than The Golden Boy from the photo, but it looks like it's a half inch thicker! Those measurements do matter, apparently.

Yes, the simple innocent cucumber has a wild side. Who knew gardening or a taking a trip down your produce isle could be so much fun? The humble cucumber is an excellent way to determine the right dildo size for you and/or your partner:

1. Take a trip to your local produce store or back yard if you grow cucumbers.
2. Select a few cucumbers of different sizes to give you some choices.
3. If your cucumber isn’t organic it’s a good idea to either peel the cucumber or wash it well and cover with a condom since waxes and pesticides should stay outside the body.
4. You might want to warm it slightly in the microwave, especially if it’s been in the fridge.
5. The joys of arts and crafts: if the cucumber is too big, shave it down until it fits nice and comfortable. You could even carve it to give you a nice G-spot curve or a head.
6. Once you’ve found the right width and length, whip out that measuring tape. Measure the length and then cut the cumber in half to measure the width (diameter). Note these measurements for your shopping adventure.

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Best answer: Hey there! I sell these puppies for a living, and know exactly the toy you're talking about. At least you got the standard size - they do a jumbo in that style, too.

If you have a decent adult toy shop in your area, go and ask if you can look at things out of the box. I wouldn't dream of selling someone an anal toy without making sure they know what size and flexibility they're in for.

As for something like the DJ prostate pleasure wand, the Naughtyboy is pretty close to the same curvature as your other toy, but is much thinner. It's also boilable silicone, as mentioned further up, for the sake of sanitation. The Kaplan Angled Probe is probably the thinnest prostate toy I know of, but I've been told it's perhaps a bit toooo delicate. Both are quite firm, but the Probe does flex a fair bit.

The Kaplan wand mentioned further up is a little broader than a AA battery, and is perfectly rigid, and is quite a hard plastic.

G-Spot wands are alsp probably going to work for this job. The Serena is probably the thinnest wand I've dealt with overall. It's about as broad as a drinking straw at its tip. Just be aware that any time you put a toy in there that doesn't have a base, there's always a small risk you may lose it into the colon. Sticking to anal toys is a good way to avoid that. The paranoid will often put them in a condom and knot it at the end to provide an emergency retrieval cord.

Out of curiosity, and you can mefi mail me if you prefer, why massage the levator anii muscles? I haven't heard of this before.

I would strongly advice against sticking produce in your arse. It's incredibly unhygenic, and bits can break off in there and require a trip to the emergency room to have it removed. Know that the toy you have already used is a good guide for the top end of what you want.
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Response by poster: Hi thanks a lot for all the answers...have marked Jilders as the best answer, as their penetrating answer hit the spot.

I reckon one of those will do it...leaning towards the kaplan wand.

Why levator anii massage - well I'm on a mission to massage out trigger points in my whole body, as I've found it has amazing physical benefits and surprising psychologically freeing effects.

I think trigger points here are referring some tension to my groin, and removing them may also help my core strength. It's a pretty important area psychologically as well.

Clair Davis mentions it here
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