Always locked front door knob
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I'm looking for a front door lock or doorknob that stays locked even after you've opened the door.

Basically, I'm forgetful, and I forget to lock the front door. I'd like something that removes the choice. The door should stay locked, even after opening it with the key. Home Depot only sells incredibly ugly storage room door handles that are completely inappropriate for the front door, but do what I want. Rejuvenation Hardware has incredibly expensive, very pretty front door handles with a "day latch" mode, as they put it that does exactly what I want.

1) Is there an actual word for what I'm looking for? I'm not even sure how to google it at the moment. (The phrase "day latch" gets me nothing.)
2) Is there some sort of middle ground, price-wise between $40 at home depot, and $600 at Rejuvenation?
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Apartments around here are required to have an automatic locking function... The door opens from the inside without a key but is always locked from the outside. With these locks, you have the choice as to whether you want the auto locking enabled or not, which you determine by turning the lock on the inside knob so that it is either pushed in or popped out (hard to explain). Unfortunately, I don't know what this kind of lock is called, but I am quite sure that you can find it in a hardware store and that it does not cost $600. Have you tried explaining what you're looking for to someone in Home Depot?

But, if you're forgetful about locking your door, are you forgetful about bringing your keys with you every time you leave your apartment, too? The moment of realization that you have forgotten your keys when you pull your front door shut behind you sucks when it's set to lock automatically.
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Deadlock. Not sure if that term is used in the US.
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Response by poster: I have asked the folks at Home Depot. They have fantastically ugly storage room handle looking things, and that's it. I'd prefer not to have those on the front door.

wingless_angel, you might be thinking of a deadbolt which isn't what I'm looking for. amro's described what it is, but I still don't have a name for it.
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Sorry I can't find the name for it, but rest assured that what you're looking for exists in normal door knob (i.e., not ugly) form. I've had them on my last two apartment's front doors.
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I don't have a name for it either, but I can tell you that most of the dorms at my university have door knobs like that. You could try asking at your local college or university and see where they buy them.

I've asked someone if they can get me brands and approximate prices. But be sure to keep this in mind, I've had no problem opening the door with a credit card when the thing isn't using the deadbolt.
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Best answer: Is it like this one? It says its has "Turn/push-button locking; pushing and turning button locks outside knob, requiring use of key until button is manually unlocked"

I'm curious because I thought all doors locked that way. Every apartment I've lived in has been like that (there's a little button you can push that keeps the door locked all the time). My office door at work locks that way too. I'm always locking my keys in my office.
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Response by poster: That looks like exactly what I need.

And I only wish all doors worked like that.
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Most doors to get into apartment buildings work like that, most doors to get into houses & apartments don't.

What will you do if you forget the key? Better to have a combination based lock for when you're forgetful, and a key-based lock for when you're not (so together you have a combination + key based lock).
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Yes, be careful you don't get locked out. It's really easy to think you have the door propped open for a minute while you carry something out and then the door shuts with your keys inside. Security at work loves me!
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