Meta Ask: Share your favourite "Ask X" site for particular specialist topics.
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Meta-Ask: We know Ask MeFI is great, but sometimes you need to dig deeper among a smaller but more spedialised crowd. So which are your favourite "Ask X" sites?

I am in love with Stack Overflow, and I have found only yesterday that Instructables have started an Answers section that could be called "Ask Instructables". I like the format more than that of forums, so am curious to know which other "Ask X" websites mefites would recommend for specialist topics.

Old-style forum software is fine, I guess, but I dn't know what makes it less useful to me than a format closer to that of Ask MeFi / Ask Slashdot / Stack Overflow / Instructables Answers. So if you know of an "Ask/Answers" site, please mention it even though it may not be your first go-to resource on a given topic.
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Best answer: Ask a Linguist is pretty great for language-related questions.
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Best answer: Ask a Librarian
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Best answer: You can post "AskX" to the following sites if they are good questions usually they are answered. thats where I go. Also just good sites in general.
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Best answer: MetaTalk, from the other day.
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Best answer: Straight Dope forums.
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Response by poster: hermitosis: those are great from the reference point of view, I am definitely adding some of them to my reference list. However, few of them are of the "Ask X" form.

After posting the question, I have thought of one reason why I find the Ask X sites more useful tan forums. It's not the software, but the implicit contract that Ask X are less chat and more Q&A based.

Also, the only forums I use are mostly technical ones, where answers are drowned by noise or outdated (try being a Ubuntu newbie these days: it's great, and there are loads of information, but it's also too much information to manage).
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Best answer: Ask A Specialist about school-based behavior, autism, adhd, and mental health.

Ask a Special Education Expert
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Best answer: Stack Overflow is exceptional for programming questions. It's become my first (and often last) stop for advice on such matters.
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Best answer: FreeAdvice Legal Forum
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Best answer: My second link also has a lot of other Ask an Expert categories.
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Best answer: Ask Dr. Math
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Best answer: Ask A Philosopher
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Best answer: AVS Forum is where i go when i want to get the latest information on a particular piece of electronics. You want to know which TV is the best bang/buck right now then this is the place.

High Sierra Topix is where i go when i'm planning a trip to the high sierras. If i want to know recent conditions of a particular trail or advice on which trail/lake to visit, i go here.

Go (the board game) related questions go to Go Discussions.
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Response by poster: Afroblanco: I even put Stack Overflow in the main text, it really rocks!

Everyone else: thanks, this is a keeper.

Now, if I only had remembered to ask about Linux video editing...
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Best answer: A shy soul sent me private email with this ReadWriteWeb article about "Ask" sites. Great one, and thanks, youknowwhoyouare!
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Best answer: geekhack forums is good if you're interested in keyboards. I am delighted that such a specific topic has such a (relatively) active forum.

Visa Journey for immigration information. This place probably helped me save thousands of dollars that I might have spent on a lawyer.
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Best answer: Ask Reddit doesn't have questions as specific as AskMefi, but it has some threads that are absolutely hilarious (see this recent one, for instance).
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