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Never bought a dog carrier but I need one now. Recommendations?

My pup is beginning a new career as an office dog. I want to take the Metro to work sometimes and apparently I can bring her on the train if she's in a carrier. I know she'll probably hate it, but she'll hate sitting home by herself more. I hear the Sherpa bags are good, but I haven't tried shoving her into any yet. Here's what I'm looking for:

* Should be airline approved, just in case I ever want to fly with her.
* Should be lightweight when she's not in it, because I'll be carrying it with me when I'm walking to work.
* My dog is only 15 pounds or so but 'cuz of her wiener dog blood she's just a bit under 2' long from head to butt. She's also got longer legs than a pure dachshund. She's weirdly proportioned so I'm not sure what sizes/carriers to focus on.
*Hopefully well made, not ugly, and comfortable for both of us (her to be in and me to carry) but not necessarily cost an arm and a leg.
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Yeah, you want a Sherpa. We have one like this (only in black) and our 15 pound terrier loves it -- to the extent he can be said to "love" any bag. We've tried others -- always go back to the Sherpa with a piece of old fleece in the bottom.
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I'm just worried about her length. I don't want to get a large one, but I don't want her to be uncomfortable either. She's not a big dog at all but she's almost 18" from butt to shoulder. I don't want the bag to be like some traumatic uncomfortable punishment for her, but I don't want it to be cumbersome me to carry either...
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Is she actually a puppy? Because if so, of course her future growth needs to be taken into account. But you probably already knew that. :-)

How long will she be in the carrier? If it's anything under an hour or so, she'll be fine even if she's a bit cramped, so I would get the one that is easiest for you to carry, even if it seems slightly too small for her.

I transport dogs to rescues, and sometimes I just don't have the right size crate and have to use one that's a bit too small for the dog. If our trip is less than an hour, I don't worry too much. More than an hour or so, and I make sure to let the dog out to stretch periodically.

As far as making it not so traumatic, try leaving it around the house so she can get used to it before you actually carry her in it. Put some treats, her favorite toy or blanket, and/or one of your old shirts in it, and she might decide it's her little cave and actually enjoy going inside.

If she gets lots of treats and attention at the office, she will learn to associate the carrier with good things at the other end of the trip.
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Highly recommended. Durable, very light weight and never had any problem with any airlines (it's flexible so it actually conforms to the space underneath the seat on the plane)
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Nah, she's 4 1/2. But she acts like a puppy 75% of the time. The metro ride would be less than an hour. But if I don't have to, I don't want to have to buy another carrier if I ever decide to take her on a plane.
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I cannot recommend Celltei bags enough. I admit that the choices are a bit overwhelming because I went with a customized bag, but it is durable, easy to clean and good looking.
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If you get her used to the carrier, she will probably be fine. Especially if you associate it with going to work and work is where she gets to hang with you all day and go see all her new friends!
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