4-bay Firewire/USB2 RAID enclosure for OS X?
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Looking for recommendations on a 4-bay Firewire/USB2 RAID enclosure that works well with OS X. I'd also like to see recs for a eSATA equivalent, though I'm definitely leaning towards Firewire/USB2. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Meant to add: one that supports SATA drives.
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If you're willing to consider a networked drive instead, the DNS-343 is a 4-bay enclosure that'll work with anything that can talk to a samba server, which means everything. I've had a good experience with its 2-bay little sibling, the DNS-323. If you have a spare network port on your router, I can't see much downside to this approach (unless it's a priority to detach it and carry it around to different machines.)
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Drobo? I haven't used one but their name comes up a lot here.
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I'd look into what Wiebetech has on offer. A bit more expensive than a no-name box from Fry's or something, but every Wiebetech enclosure I've had has been bulletproof.
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I have a Drobo. Total elapsed time from opening the box to having 1.5 TB of storage on my Mac (over USB, using SATA drives) was about 4 minutes. It's not, strictly speaking, RAID (which is one of the more controversial things about it), but it allows hot swapping, mirrors the data, etc. etc., and it doesn't care if I mix and match drive sizes/brands/etc. Very, very happy Drobo customer, even if the whole "data robot" and "zomg we have Cali Lewis doing our walkthrough" things are silly.
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I also LOVE the Drobo.
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Nthing the Drobo here. Running on my iMac like a champ, awesome functionality, you just can't beat hot-swapping multiple sized drives. So far, it just works.
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I really love the LaCie 4big Quadra which has Firewire 400 & 800, USB2, and eSATA.
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Drobo is probably the best you can get for the price. Anything better would probably be a big, expensive, "real" RAID box or a server. Most of the cheap SATA RAID USB/FW bridge chipsets used in the low cost fake RAID boxes are just not worth the headache. This is the data you're going to the effort to store on a RAID after all, so you may as well do it right.
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