Why is my scalp sore?
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Why do I have odd, sensitive patches on my scalp?

Sometimes when I wake up, I have feelings of sensitivity in certain areas of my head. These patches are often (but not always) where my hair has been mussed or formed into cowlicks. I have short hair (1-2" long) and the feelings of soreness last for 30-60 minutes. There aren't any tangles.

Can anyone explain why this happens? Please get into as much detail as necessary.
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Could it just be caused by the follicles being forced to lay in a way that is against the direction they're growing? Putting pressure on the individual follicles and the surrounding skin?
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It happens to me too. Usually when my hair isn't clean and it's worse in winter when I've worn a hat. It's surprising how painful it can get. Just as aleahey says, I think
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I have noticed it as very common for my self and other friends that I have mentioned it to. I have long hair, if I wear it in a high "up do" or pony tail it will hurt like that. I would have to agree that it is simply your hair follicles becoming sore from being forced into an unusual position. It is nothing to worry over, but I am not sure there is anything you can do to prevent it.
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