VGA Splitter or KVM for my Xbox 360 on my monitor AND TV?
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Xbox360Filter: I have an Xbox 360 with a VGA output which I use on my Samsung computer monitor. I want to be able to have it hooked up to my TV (which has a VGA input as well) at the same time.

In order to connect my VGA to both my monitor and my TV do I need a VGA switcher? Can I use a KVM splitter to do this? AND if I get either of these can I have my xbox displaying on BOTH at the same time as well as the option to switch back and forth? I would ultimately like to be able to play on either individually or both at the same time.

With that said, can anyone direct me to the cheapest solution for what I need? I like but didn't know what I should be getting exactly.
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A video splitter is what you want. 2x2 switchable matrixes are much more common than 1x2's, so you'd just leave the extra input empty and switch around it.
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does your samsung monitor have a dvi input?
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Response by poster: @stratastar yes it does have a dvi input, however my tv does not, just vga. additionally, I believe they only sell the xbox360 connector in a vga version.
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Ok I have the same setup (samsung as well) here's what I did. get yourself an HDMI to DVI cable. that'll hook into your monitor and work.

Now for sound, you need to break the cable VGA connector on the xbox side so you can have both the hdmi cable and your normal connector plugged in at the same time so you can get audio out... instructions

Dont worry it's simple. you're basically removing one side of plastic shelling that forces you to shell 50 bucks out for MS' hdmi cable...

Now you can have both your computer and your xbox hooked up, just hit the input button to switch between them.
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If they both have vga inputs, then you just need a vga splitter (and probably an extra vga cable).
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Response by poster: @ stratastar wow that sounds too good to be true. just to clarify though.. so I have my normal vga still plugged into my tv and after I split open the normal VGAtoXbox i can put in the hdmi to dvi at the same time? Does it make a difference that I already have optical digital sound going into my surround sound system?

Hopefully that made sense. So all I should need is that HDMI to DVI cable I guess?

Thanks again!
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Ah, yeah. Both solutions would work... the VGA splitter may be 20 minutes simpler...

but but it's not digital!
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Essentially yes.

Actually. I'm NOT sure that both digital and analog video is outputted at the same time as I haven't tried having both plugged both in at the same time. (I have the RGA connector)

I can give it a try when I go home...
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Response by poster: @starastar Yeah I would like to do them at the same time too. And when I am using the HDMI to DVI does the sound from the vga connector still work?

@demiurge I don't think that splitter you posted will work would it? That is 2M to 1F, I would need 2F to 1M to connect to both inputs, right? Sorry, I am still kind of a novice at this stuff.
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the sound definitely works. My normal analog sound works and in the link posted digital sound also works.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I forgot, my xbox does not have an hdmi port. That isnt going to work.
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You probably want a 1F to 2F splitter, and that's a 1F to 2M, so you'll need a couple of gender changers. Those are only $1 a piece at monoprice.
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