New industrial architecture
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Looking for examples of creative, modern industrial architecture.

When I think industrial buildings, I (and probably most people) imagine gigantic bland boxes, tens or hundreds of thousands square feet large surrounded by parking lots. But it doesn't always have to be that way, right? Zaha Hadid's BMW Central Building in Leipzig comes to mind, but even then, it's just a small piece in a collection of otherwise typical box warehouses.

What else is out there? I'd really like to see:
- Green - I'm thinking along the lines of LEED certification, or some kind of production in green materials.
- Industrial - light or heavy. Blue collar work environments. Nothing that's primarily office space.
- Mixed-use? If you can mix office, retail and residences, is it possible to mix industrial? Perhaps smaller industrial spaces? Does this even exist?
- On a similar vein, high-density is a bonus.
- The exterior environment is really important- It's not just the architecture that should be compelling but also the landscaping.

Alright, now please educate me!
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Best answer: Briefly, as I haven't much time, I suggest scrolling through the architecture category. Far too many things there for me to just list.
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Best answer: Warehouses can be beautiful.

(Disclaimer: I work for that magazine.)
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Recycling plants can also be beautiful.
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Best answer: Check out the 'Office' category in Baumschlager & Eberle's portfolio. There are a few projects (more workshops than heavy industry) that might interest you - Altenreid Woodworking Centre for sure, and maybe LTW Wolfurt (combining offices, warehouses, labs, and workshop), Sirch Woodworking Boehnen and Graf Electronics. (BTV Wolfurt misses your criteria entirely, but mixed use of a bank and residential kind of delights me.)
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Look for the tag "amazingstructures" on Delicious.
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Best answer: You could do worse than look at the McLaren F1 headquarters.
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Best answer: The Volkswagen factory in Dresden. Also interesting: Toyota Roof Gardens.
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Best answer: GM's Lansing Delta Township plant is LEED certified.
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Coop Himmelb(l)au built a bunch of particle board factories in the last two decades. Online info seems to be scarce. "Funder Werk n" for n=1..3 should be the key words.
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