Airdisk to Xbox360
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Airdisk to Xbox360

I'm trying to setup a home media center with my newly purchased XBOX360. I have a HD hooked up to an airport extreme as an airdisk and was wondering how I could use my xbox360 to stream movies from it.
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The xbox 360 uses a crazy UnPNP AV protocol, modified. Something needs to be between the disk and the 360 that speaks this protocol. In my case, it's the firmware of a DNS-323.

Not sure what your options are with Apple hardware.
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Yeah, I don't think you can go directly like that. You need a piece of software like Connect360, which spoofs the Windows Media Server streaming protocols. You could conceivably use that on your Mac and serve files from your Airdisk, but then you're going Airdisk->Mac->360, which just sounds like a recipe for trouble. Maybe if the 360 supported 802.11(n), but you're better off just serving media directly from your Mac's HD.
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