Experiences with Manual Lymph Drainage?
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Anyone have any experience with the massage therapy known as "manual lymph drainage" (MLD)?

I'm having major jaw surgery at the end of December, and on one of the discussion groups I'm on, one of the participants is a strong advocate of MLD, which supposedly can be beneficial in diminishing swelling after surgery. The research I've done indicates that it's an alternative approach used mainly in Europe but gaining some adherents here in the U.S. I'm open-minded to some alternative approaches, but really only those that have some genuinely evidence-based (as the saying goes these days) research to back up their claims.
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is it used mainly in Europe? I thought it was popular in the US, too. look, I've just called two (female) friends who regularly had MLD sessions (one for problems like sweeling/puffiness in the face, the other for swollen+aching ankles)

they're both very happy with the results, it also "very relaxing", and they both say not to worry if the massage motion feels very light to you -- it is supposed to very light pressure, unlike regular massage.
it seems to really work helping the lymph nodes do their cleansing of the system.

apparently, it can help in case of cellulitis, too.
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oh yeah, apparently when the MLD touches the forehead, my friend had a nice sense of relief of clogged sinuses. the motion is like light pressure/little circles
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it can help in case of cellulitis

no: it's "cellulite", sorry
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My wife is a massage therapist who practices manual lymph drainage. She often uses it to treat lymphedema, cancer patients and other maladies. It is a wonderful way to deal with clogged sinuses due to allergies as well. Her clients are always pleased with the results.
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