All I want is a few cheap glass bottles!
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I live in the Bay Area, where can I buy small (~250 ml), screwtop glass bottles? I'd prefer not buying online because shipping charges are huge and I'm not looking for a bulk order.

I live in Berkeley. I've been looking all over for simple glass bottles. Aside from mason jars the only glass bottles I can find are fancy ones at places like Crate and Barrel and cost 5 dollars a pop. Where can I get a case or two of simple, cheap, bottles? I found cal-glass in Oakland but they aren't set up for individual sales and have a 500 dollar minimum. Surely there's SOMEWHERE that sells bottles.
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I know Cost Plus has similar products, but I don't think I've ever seen screwtop bottles of that size. I checked this place, but they don't advertise screw top beer bottles online, maybe they could steer you to another source.

You could always buy bottles that already have a product in them... Hot sauce is usually in glass bottles of about that size, and very cheap! Plus, you get hot sauce.
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Try the Container Stores. They seem to carry all sorts of storage solutions, including plastic and glass bottles.
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Try Specialty Bottle.

I don't know much about them, other than this write-up from Cool Tools, but I did put 24 random 8 oz bottles with lids into my cart. At 90 cents a pop, plus its shipping calculator to a random ZIP code in SF (12.91), it gave me a grand total of $21.60.
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Container Store.
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High-falutin' water will sometimes come in a very pretty glass bottle.
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obviously read it wrong, it's $21.60 + $12.91. Still, under a buck fifty a pop.
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Dunno where you are in the greater Berkeley co-prosperity sphere, but there's a Penzey's Spices storefront in Menlo Park. They have 8 fl oz empty jars for $1.69, or they're online here. If you're buying a pile they might do a discount? I can vouch for their foodly quality if that matters to you.
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Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco sells glass bottles in various sizes.
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Have you tried Michael's in Emeryville? At one point I was looking for small jars for wedding favors, though I opted for something else, and I found some good prospects at both Cost Plus and Michael's. I also found some good options online at wedding favor bulk supply places, but unfortunately I can't remember the name of the company right now.
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(Oops, sorry, disregard the last part of my response. I just saw you don't want to order online -- though I don't think the company I ordered from had a big shipping charge.)
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Try your local chemist/pharmacist/dispensary. In the UK at least they are happy to sell to the public the bottles they use for packaging prescriptions.
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juniper tree on san pablo is a store for making soap and the like. if i recall - they also have some bottles of various sizes for sale.
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You may also look at your local homebrew stores as well. They tend to have bottles of different sizes by the one or the dozen.
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