WMP11 keeps resetting volume to max when I skip around in video.
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Why does the volume reset to max in Windows Media Player 11 whenever I try to change it and then click to skip to another point in the video?

I have a nice desktop that used to have WMP 10 on it. Long story short, hard drive got wiped, and I reinstalled everything from scratch. Since WMP 11 was out then, I decided to go with that.

I download a lot of divx and xvid files, and used to use WMP 11 and I have FFDShow and if I recall correctly, the Nimo Codec Pack.

However what happens now is, I'll be playing a video, and lets say I want to skip through the opening credits...I'll click in the tracking bar to skip forward to the right point. If I've made any changes to the volume using the WMP volume slider bar (the one next to the big center play button on the bottom of the screen), changing my position in the video manually resets the volume to max which can be a big problem if I need to skip around the video a lot and keep the volume at a certain level (there are reasons I need to control it from there versus with my speakers).

If I just change the volume and let the video play, it stays at that volume setting, but the second I jump to another point in the video, it goes back to max. I initially thought this might be an override from within FFDShow or something but I can't find anything. Figured I'd post here to see if anybody knows what may be causing this before I go through the hassle of uninstalling WMP 11 and reinstalling.

Please...no suggestions for other video players. I also have VLC Player which I've been using in the interim and it plays things fine, but I have an interesting setup to connect my PC to my flatscreen TV and WMP11's interface is crucial for that experience to work smoothly with my wireless gyroscopic mouse. Windows Media Player Classic is not useable for this situation either. Just looking for suggestions on troubleshooting the issue mentioned above. Thanks MetaFilter!
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