Poultry processor in Ann Arbor, MI, area
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Is there a poultry processor in the Dexter, MI, area (north of Ann Arbor) that will do small volume?

Asking for a friend who wants to raise chickens for meat in Dexter, Michigan. Dexter is just north of Ann Arbor, about an hour from Lansing. She is looking for a processor in the area who will do as few as a dozen or so chickens.
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have your friend contact Garden Patch Farms (a co-op farm) in Pinckney... they raise and provide poultry, they might do it for a fee.
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I'm a little unclear on the number of birds... twelve a day, twelve a week, ect.

If she's only doing a couple a day, it's only about a 15 minute job to do it personally. It's not hard.
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I'm assuming this means one batch of a dozen.

Your friend might look for smallish local farms that raise poultry for themselves or customers, and see if she could process her chickens at the same time in exchange for helping out. She'd have to time her chicks to be ready at the same time as the farm's processing date, but that's not hard (unless she's got them already).
That said, I'm not familiar with your state laws so I'm not sure of the legality of this. But I've done it in Washington.
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