Stock data for use in black box trading application?
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Stock data for use in black box trading application?

I just need raw data, the current tick and the technical analysis for each tick and I need the data to be real-time. I would prefer an API with it, but if not that's fine. All I need is data, no other analysis or "features" of any kind. (e.g. no Bloomberg Terminal, Fidessa, CQG, any variation therof) This data needs to be easily manipulated in my own application that I'll be developing in C#. Thanks in advance!
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Sounds obvious but have you looked at the exchanges you're interested in? They generally license data feeds.
posted by jeb at 1:37 PM on March 28, 2009

You might also want to check out eSignal. It's got other crap you don't want, but its also really cheap. I've never used it though.
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