Help me port forward with my new router, please!
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Bittorrent hell with new router!

Vital statistics upfront:

Macbook running OS X 10.5.6.
Actiontec GT701 Cable Modem (Qwest).
D-Link DIR-625 Wireless Router.

I was just forced to buy a new router. I got the D-Link listed above. I have never had a problem forwarding ports before and have always had great bittorrent speeds. This is not my first, second, or even third router over the years. I have never had a problem opening up ports on any of them. Not anymore. The only change that I have made lately is with the router.

I have my computer set to this IP. I have the router forwarding port 50000, like so. Port-checking utilities tell me the port is still not open. Vuze/Azureus says that it is able to open up a connection to that port -- at first. However, all of my connections say yellow (no incoming connections) and Vuze says it is firewalled. Speeds are quite slow on this transfer, though I did a test download of a Knoppix distribution and got speeds of about 270K/sec, although the light/face stayed yellow.

If I place my IP in the "DMZ," it still happens. If I connect directly to the cable modem, I get green lights all around and Vuze says that NAT is OK. I am pulling my hair out here trying to figure out why this is happening.
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Have you updated your firmware to the newest version?
posted by suedehead at 12:06 PM on March 28, 2009

Response by poster: Yes, I tried that as well.
posted by proj at 12:24 PM on March 28, 2009

Have you tried a different torrent client? For whatever reason I've found Vuze/Azureus to be the slowest of the clents I've tried (Transmission and uTorrent are faster for me, but aren't as configurable as Vuze).
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Response by poster: Miraculously, it just started working. I retook the same steps I'd taken dozens of times, but they worked this time. Weird.
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