How to remove built-in auto-complete entries from AOL's email client?
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How to remove the built-in auto-complete entries from AOL's email client?

My auntie uses AOL to access the internet. Whenever she goes to send an email and starts typing in the "To:" field, the software tries to auto-complete a match from her address book. Pretty standard. She can remove erroneous auto-complete entries (like mistyped new email addresses, which get added to the list automatically if she hits send without noticing) by deleting them from her address book.

However, there are a bunch of AOL-centric email addresses that show at the top of the auto-complete entries. Things like aolmedia, aolhelp, etc. There is no option for removing these entries from the address book, and there doesn't seem to be any way to remove them from the auto-complete list. They disappear if you add more letters, but they are confusing her. I have spent some time on AOL online help and on various forums trying to figure out a way to remove those addresses from the auto-complete list, with no luck.

Normally it's easy to fix any issues, even long distance, as my parents live nearby and are tech savvy. But we are all stumped here. Before I install the client in order to troubleshoot (shudder!), I figured I would ask here first. Anyone know how to get rid of these built-in auto-complete entries? AOL 9.5, running on Windows XP.

(Ditching AOL is not an option. If it was, I wouldn't be asking. She has used it for ages and is comfortable with it.)
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There is a VERY real possibility this is not possible. If those addresses are hard-coded into the autocomplete functionality, as I'm suspecting they may be, you won't be able to remove them.

If a preference doesn't exist under any options settings, I'd look next to the registry; see if any instance of aolhelp shows up, but even that's unlikely.

You might be able to upgrade her to AOL 10, but that would probably break her cool.
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I have spent some time troubleshooting this evening, but nothing. I guess it's hard-coded, and there isn't much you can do about it. Worth a try though. Thanks for trying, disillusioned.
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