Help me learn about Hong Kong film posters
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I have recently run across a large cache of hong kong film posters from Thailand circa 1970s. I am thinking of buying them and am trying to research if they have any value. I am not getting great results from the internets. Any brain power out there that might point me the right way?
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There are a few ways you can look at this: marketing the posters to people who like the films and wand authentic memorabilia, or people who enjoy the posters for some level of kitsch or retro / exotica interest. If they're more obscure movies, you're probably in category 2.

Or you can post photos of them online, for all to enjoy. Some might inquire about buying them, but everyone will enjoy them (unless someone hates old Hong Kong movie posters).
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And to check the general level of knowledge about these films, you could check IMDB for the number of reviews and ratings, or search for forums dedicated to these films.
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