Help me build an R/C Tricycle
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R/C Filter: How to build a remote-controlled tricycle?

I was watching Sesame Street with my daughter the other day when a short sequence showing Elmo riding around a park on a tricycle was shown. I thought it would be a super-cool idea to turn that into a project for myself (like I don't have enough already!) to entertain my daughter.

The only problem is, the last time I remote-controlled anything other than a TV was as a young teen building R/C kit-cars (servos and all). I'm not afraid of technology, am a software developer and very comfortable wrenching on bikes, so I see this as a stretch project but one I can definitely accomplish (given healthy amounts of trial and error along the way).

But I have no idea where to start. I found this but my fu has failed me when looking for a similar DIY project. And yes, if indeed nothing else quite like this exists out there, I intend on sharing my process via Instructables or the like.

I imagine the biggest challenge would be to find a motor that powers the rear wheels effectively, and a servo with enough power to turn the steertube/fork.

Not looking for a "how-to", but more like "where to start looking" and "what I would do..." kind of suggestions to kick this off.

Thanks, askMeFi!
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Just a guess, but you'd probably be able to find some excellent raw materials by cannibalizing one of those PowerWheels-type toy cars--or, probably better yet, a motorized wheelchair.
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Look for sites on "battle bots" that were popular on TV a few years ago. That should give you ideas for electronics used to move objects larger than your average 1/10 scale R/C car.
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Actually, a cannibalized PowerWheels is a good idea. It will probably already have appropriate torque/power and be rated for appropriate weight. The only real trick would be to remote control the thing. And, of course, steering.
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