Remove duplicate phone numbers on a Nokia E71
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My Nokia E71 ended up with a bunch of duplicate numbers for each contact. How do I remove them automagically?

So I got a Nokia E71, and because I first imported my contacts from my SIM card (incomplete, since my old Blackberry Pearl doesn't support exporting to a SIM), I then used Google Sync to import them all again.

Now, I have a bunch of contacts that look like this:

First: Bob
Last: cell
Mobile: 212-555-1212
Work: 212-555-1212

This wouldn't bother me if the Nokia didn't annoyingly prompt me for which of the two numbers to use every time I want to call or SMS someone, even though they are the same.

How do I delete all of the mobile or work numbers where they are the same as the other field?

Also, maybe I could also merge first + middle + last into the first name field while I'm at it?
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Wipe the phone and use only Google Sync?
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I would guess that the phone is reading both the sim card AND the fact you've installed your numbers on the phone.

While making sure that all your numbers are backed up, I would erase sim card, or "smart chip" but then copy the numbers back to the sim card whenever you change the phone.

All phones do this differently, so read the manual.
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I had the same problem with Google Sync and my iPhone. I've considered doing is what wongcorgi suggests (I think), but because I have sooo many Google contacts, it would take a long time to edit out the chaff. Will be watching this thread.
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Ask a smart person to write a python app that will delete either the work or home number on all of your contacts.

Alternatively, sync against Ovi and edit your contacts there and sync back. (And stop using google sync, which doesn't play well with nokias!)
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Best answer: wongcorgi: This will not work, as the contacts have already been synced to Google Sync in their current state (with duplicate phone numbers.)

Danf: No, it is not reading the SIM contacts.

wierdo: Thank you for the suggestion.
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