Logging https logins?
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Logging username logins on our web server?

Our current student information system (hosted on site) does not natively log user logins for administrators to see. However, we would like to do so for various reasons.
Through logging IIS (MS Server 2003) activity or some other hackery, is there any way to do so? The log on page is done over https.

We're not looking to log actual activity- only that person x logged on at time z.
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Response by poster: Oh, and in IIS under the website, I got to properties and have had "Enable Logging" checked. Stuff is logged...but no usernames, even though the option is enabled under advanced for the W3C Extended option.
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This is probably something you'd need to talk to your information system vendor about. Windows can track logins that are authenticated against Windows, but not against some other authentication DB.
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Response by poster: Ah, I see. I've already tried working with our vendor, but since they don't support the function, any extra help is "beyond the scope of the service agreement."
If it makes any difference, the software runs off MSSQL, though I never work directly with SQL.
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What's the software written in? It may be possible to pretty easily write in a logging function. You can also check through the database to see if it does logging, or if it stores temporary session data (which you could harvest periodically to get logins).
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