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UK mobile phone filter: What is a good pay-as-you-go tariff for the emergency mobile phone of an elderly person who will scarcely ever call out? (We have got him one of the RNIB easy-to-read phones that is not locked to a network.)
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Best answer: Idcoytco. There isnt that much to choose from if they are only going to use them rarely. The thing to look for is the one that lasts the longest period before getting 'suspended' for not being used. I seem to recollect Virgin gives 6 months before it gets suspended if you dont make or receive any calls.
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UPDATE: Most networks insist that you *make* a call once every 60 to 90 days (receiving is not enough, same with text messages). Exceptions: 1. Orange allow incoming text messages to reactivate the sim (you can text a message to your friend every now and then or 2. Virgin direct debit 'tarriff' - it charges no money if you dont make a call but since it is a 'contract' the sim doesnt go dead
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Response by poster: Thanks for taking the time....
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