Conventions in writing film scripts?
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Quick education in film script conventions please?

I have a script to proof read, translated from Bulgarian. In addition to getting the English right, I really need guidance on conventional formatting and writing of movie scripts.

Formatting? Tenses / ways of describing the action / camera work? After a quick glance at my material it seems the English is OK, but I am at a loss as to whether, for example, when giving camera direction we can have narrative paragraphs, as it is currently, or should it be point form, with particular formatting?

Where can I find resources to quickly give me tips on convention / style / format for this sort of a text?
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Best answer: This is a total self link, but I have a free screenwriting guide available for download that answers all those questions. It's the same guide I use to teach my teen screenwriting program.
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Response by poster: Wow, I can't ask for much more than that, headspace. Muchos gracias!
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