Battlestar Galactica Finale
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Where can I watch the 2 hour finale of Battlestar Galactica (Daybreak - Part 2)? Free. Online.

It's not at or
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Episodes 13-17 will be posted on Hulu the day after their TV broadcast. Subsequent episodes will be posted 8 days after their original broadcast date.

It'll be up on Hulu on Saturday then, if you can wait.
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It will be on eight days after the original air date, so at some point on Saturday.
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This aggregate site should have it
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also, keep checking
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Looks like it's posted now on
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"The only proper way to do this is to get the 720 HD version from bittorrent. Eventually the law will catch up, but for now everything else is lacking."

Eventually the law will catch up? It's only $6 to watch the entire 2 hour finale on Itunes. That's cheaper than going to the movies and it helps support something the OP (in theory) loves. On Saturday it will be free on Hulu with commercials.

Ah, pirates with a sense of entitlement. How dare they expect to get paid for their job!
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iTunes isn't free, sharkfu, which is what the OP asked for. Anyway, how would buying it on iTunes support a show that's no longer on the air? It would only help SciFi (soon to be SyFy) (who will probably use the money to make a crappy movie about giant cockroaches or to air more wrestling), or Apple.

Hulu will have the episode on tomorrow, legally and for free, in fairly high quality with only a few short commercials. I'd just wait if I were you.
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Thoughtcrime: " Anyway, how would buying it on iTunes support a show that's no longer on the air? "

It's called residuals. Money paid by Apple to the creators, screenwriters, directors, and actors for episodes/ movies bought. It's why we went on strike-- so the corporations would give us a piece of the digital pie. It helps support Ron Moore so he can create another great show instead of having to take an easy one (like a giant cockroach movie) to pay the bills.
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