Where are some good simple puzzle games?
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I'm looking for some good, simple puzzle games. Online or iPhone.

I recently discovered the joys of playing simple-but-challenging puzzle games while watching TV, waiting in line, etc. But I've exhausted all the levels on my recent favorites, so I need some new ones.

For some reason I seem to really enjoy games with blocks that need to be either moved around or stacked in some way, yet sliding block puzzles don't seem to do it for me.

Some games I've enjoyed recently:

Jelly Blocks


There was also a cute little stacking game recommended on the blue, but I can't seem to find it.

My aptitude for these games puts me at about a fifth grade level, so feel free to suggest your ten-year-old's favorite game. Online and iPhone games are both welcome.

Oh, and I'd like to avoid games that have lots of time pressures, since I play these while doing other things.
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I really enjoyed shift 3, and liked the ones you mentioned. Check the links at that page and do Shift 1, Shift 2 first, though.
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Blokus is available both online and in board game format and is lots of fun.
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The 'puzzle' tag at Jay is Games should provide you with plenty to keep you busy. And here are the 'Mobile Monday' sections for the iPhone.
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Fantastic Contraption is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played.

That link goes to the on-line version but there is an iPhone version available from the app store. I don't remember what it cost but it was cheap enough that I felt like I really got my money's worth.

It starts out simple, then it becomes hard, then it starts to look impossible but if you keep at it you realize it can be done. Then the last two levels are so tough you give up on it and feel like you got cheated. But before those last two levels there are 40 others that are a lot of fun.

Overall it might be harder than you're looking for, but the puzzles can left as-is and you can come back to finish them later. You can also skip around, you don't need to solve one before moving on to the next one.
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(also the on-line version is amazingly slow. The iPhone version is much faster and has more levels.)
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Topple for iPhone/iPod touch.
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Blocked is just like Gridlock for your iPhone. There is also Subway Shuffle, and another good "puzzle" that's online is iPipes.
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Seconding Fantastic Contraption. GREAT puzzle game, and totally worth paying the extra for to get to play the user created levels, some are lame, but some are awesome. Also, the last two levels are not ACTUALLY impossible, just really hard...

Just tried the link, and it seems there are lots more levels now! So maybe the last two are impossible, now I have to go try!!
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The two levels I'm referring to are Level #42: Under Over and #43: More Balls. I think they're only on the iPhone version and they may have since been removed.
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I like ken ken puzzles, a twist on sudoko.
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You might want to check out the (free) Scramboni for the iPhone or on the web. Its a game where you compete with others online to solve anagrams - not exactly the sort of game you mentioned but one you might on the basis of the others you mention.
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Blocks With Letters On is really good.
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Choose the triangle at the intersection of the correct combination of elements.

Guess the two-dimensional object while it moves past a one-dimensional viewpoint.

Rotation Riddle
Align the red dots so they match the pattern shown before each level.

Bots run along a path that the programmer presets for them for various situations. Your job is to light up all the blue tiles in the factory by the commands you issue to the light-Bot.

Classic. Redirect the lasers to the goal using mirrors, avoiding bombs.
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Oops, Merge is timed within each level. It takes less than a minute per, though, and gives plenty of time to multitask between levels.
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I've been playing Sokoban on the iphone and loving it. It's been a favorite of mine since I played it on the gameboy when it was called Boxxle. It's been around awhile.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions - now I never have to search for procrastination activities ever again! I'm already deep in Fantastic Contraption addiction.
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I love Scrabble on the iphone.
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shadow vector, Thanks! I'm loving Blocks With Letters On. I like the funky little animated rewards.
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