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Having recently reformatted my XP PC I'm having a very confusing time accessing media files from it using my ethernet-cabled Freecom MP 350 MediaPlayer as it can see some of my shared files, but for some reason not all of them and I would greatly appreciate some advice and help!

The MediaPlayer is attached to my TV downstairs and is connected by ethernet to the PC upstairs. The PC can see the MediaPlayer (via NDAS) and vice-versa. I use ZoneAlarm Security Suite and that's configured to allow the MediaPlayer's IP into my 'trusted' zone.

On my PC I have two shared folders, one on drive Q: (which I've called 'Mediabox') and one on drive H: (called, startlingly, 'Mediabox II').

My MP350 can see and play the Q: drive's shared folder and files perfectly. Life is good so far.

However, although it can see the name(s) of the shared folder(s) on the H: drive it can't see any content at all, despite it being set up in exactly the same way. (Which was basically ticking the 'share this folder' box). I've checked the properties on both drives on my PC, they are exactly the same. There appears to be no option in the MediaPlayer software to account for this discrepancy either.

Renaming the shared folders on my PC doesn't make any difference, nor does creating new ones, either on the H: drive or any of any my other hard drives. The MP350 still just sees the folders, but never the content (except from the Q: drive).

Can anyone suggest where I (or my setup) is going wrong? Surely if the MP350 can see and play files from one hard drive on my PC it should be able to see and play from any or all of them?

What am I missing?

Many thanks in advance!
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>Renaming the shared folders on my PC doesn't make any difference

Did you try renaming the shares (not just the folder name). It could be that the mediabox's samba implementation can only handle 8 character share names and only sees the word "mediabox." The share name should not have a space in it. Try naming the second one "MB2" and see if that helps.

Also, permissions are important here. Are you sure the permissions are the same both in security and in sharing? Windows file sharing has two types of permissions. One is for the share and another is the NTFS file security. Make sure you give the proper rights and that the mediabox is using a proper name and password. If security isnt too much of a concern you can give full rights to the 'everyone' group.
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Response by poster: Many thanks for your swift reply!

Yes, I've tried changing the folder name(s) to short single words without spaces (i.e. 'futile') but to no avail. Also, 'Mediabox II' was working before I reformatted my PC, so as far as I can see it should have worked straight off, as the other drive does.

I've double-checked the sharing and security tab and they're exactly the same and (at least according to the manual) the box should be able to log in as Guest with no further worries - and again, if it works for one drive, why not the other?

I greatly appreciate your input and help!
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Have you tried disabling the firewall temporarily?
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Response by poster: Yep, I have - I disconnected the 'net and turned it off, but with just the same results...
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